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Speciality Cells

Speciality Cells
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1/3 AA NiMH cell (300mAh)
Ex Tax: £1.10
2/3 AA NiMH cell (650mAh)
Ex Tax: £2.00
2/3 Sub C NiMH cell (2000mAh)
Ex Tax: £2.80
4/5 AF NiMH cell (1850mAh)
Note capacity now uprated to 1850mAh ..
Ex Tax: £2.08
AAA NiMH cell (700mAh)
Ex Tax: £1.30
Ex Tax: £2.70
AirSoft Gun 8.4V Ni-MH Battery
Airsoft Guns 8.4V NiMH 1500mAh Replacement Battery Features Quality PremierLine battery This pack..
Ex Tax: £32.49
AirSoft Gun 8.4V Ni-MH Battery
AirSoft Guns 8.4v Ni-MH 1500mAh Replacement Battery1 4 x 2/3A Stick, 1 3 x 2/3A Stick Features Qua..
Ex Tax: £29.99
Airsoft Guns 9.6V Battery
Airsoft Guns 9.6V NiMH 1500mAh Replacement BatteryFeatures Quality PremierLine battery This pack i..
Ex Tax: £29.99
Airsoft Guns G36 Battery
Airsoft Guns 9.6V Ni-MH 1500mAh Replacement Battery2 x 4 2/3A sticks Features Quality PremierLine ..
Ex Tax: £29.99
BA5372/U Radio Comms Battery
BA5372/U Military Battery for Radio Communications and Military Applications Replacement Battery..
Ex Tax: £28.33
C NiMH cell (4000mAh)
Ex Tax: £4.80
CR12600SE 3v lithium cell
3v cell 1400mAh capacity. 60mm long x 11.6mm diameter. Features 250mA Pulse Current 15mA Continu..
Ex Tax: £14.99
D NiMH cell (9000mAh)
Please note capacity now upgraded to 9000mAh. ..
Ex Tax: £8.70
Fluke 700 Battery
BP7235 Fluke Calibrator BatteryFeatures Quality PremierLine battery High Performance, Long Lasting..
Ex Tax: £25.83
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